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PODCAST #117 - Craig Cannon and Adora Cheung YCombinator
13 Mar 2019
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VIDEO Elevator Pitch Winner, Josh Light UtahStateCES
7 Jun 2010
PODCAST #90 How Startups Can Succeed in a Pandemic 2 Gimlet Media
13 May 2020
PODCAST Sade, Victor and Alston: Tech, Diversity and the Workplace Christina Elson, The Inc. Tank
5 Sep 2019
LESSON Storyboard
PODCAST #89 A Big Bet on an Ex-Trucker: Fleeting Gimlet Media
6 May 2020
VIDEO Telling Stories with Data in 3 Steps (Quick Study) Harvard Business Review
30 Oct 2019
PODCAST Eminem, Adoble, Mixcloud, Teachable, Balaji Srinivasan - Startup World
17 Apr 2018
VIDEO A Needs-Based Innovation Framework [Entire Talk] Stanford eCorner
12 Feb 2020
VIDEO The Explainer: What Is Design Thinking? Harvard Business Review
23 Jul 2019
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VIDEO What is Strategy? David Kryscynski, YouTube
14 Nov 2018
LESSON Lean LaunchPad Educators Steve Blank, SlideShare
19 Jun 2013
COURSE Professional Seminar in Sustainability Sarah Slaughter, MIT OpenCourseWare
PODCAST #119: Career Karma Origin Story (by the CEO of Free Code Camp) Breaking Into Startups
14 Oct 2019
VIDEO Seth Godin - THIS is Marketing Seth Godin, Behind the Brand, YouTube
4 Nov 2018
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CASE STUDY Berdytch Clothing Ltd. Elizabeth M. A. Grasby, Dave C. Shaw, Dana G. Hyde, Richard H. Mimick, Ivey Business School
3 Jul 2014
VIDEO Understanding the Economic Shock of the Covid-19 Crisis Harvard Business Review
21 May 2020
VIDEO Why U.S. Working Moms Are So Stressed (Quick Study) Harvard Business Review
17 Dec 2019
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ARTICLE YC’s Essential Startup Advice Michael Seibel, Geoff Ralston, YCombinator
25 Sep 2017
LESSON Community Based Participatory Research Julia Kramer, Danielle Poreh, theDesignExchange
21 Nov 2016
PODCAST 16 - Emmett Shear - How to Run a User Interview Sam Altman, YCombinator
6 Jan 2016
PODCAST 17 - Hosain Rahman - How to Design Hardware Products Sam Altman, YCombinator
6 Jan 2016
PODCAST 2020 Startup Challenge Special Part 4: SilkBlu Technologies Karl Ulrich, The Wharton School
30 Apr 2020
SYLLABUS Entrepreneurship & Innovation Academic Program E&I Minor Syllabus for All Courses Meg Weber, Western Washington University
ARTICLE When You Change the World and No One Notices Morgan Housel, Collaborative Fund
3 Sep 2016
VIDEO Building the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem [Entire Talk] Stanford eCorner
13 Feb 2019
SIMULATION Traction Experiential Simulations
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LESSON Why Startups Are Not Small Versions of Large Companies Steve Blank, SlideShare
9 Sep 2010
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VIDEO Validating Product Pricing - Teaching Critique Ralph Guggenheim, Lean Launchpad Teachable Moments
13 Mar 2013
PODCAST What's up with tiny checks at giant valuations? Alex Wilhelm, TechCrunch
15 May 2020
ARTICLE Investing Ideas That Changed My Life Morgan Housel, Collaborative Fund
19 Dec 2018