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The Art and Science of Innovation, The Art and Science of Data Visualization, The Art and Science of Data Analytics Fulfilling the Promethean Promise, The Art and Science of Technology Portfolio Management, The Art and Science of Technical Leadership, The Art of the Startup
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Andres Fortino
Principal at Fortino Global Education, Adjunct Assistant Professor at School of Professional Studies at New York University
Entrepreneurship, Workforce Development, Industrial or Career Technical Education

Dr. Andres Fortino leads his own company, Fortino Global Education, providing education and training consulting services. He is an adjunct faculty member at the NYU School of Professional Studies, where he teaches Business Analytics, Data Mining, Data Visualization, and Innovation. He has over 30 years’ experience in industry, where he held responsible positions in engineering, R&D, IT management and as a CFO and a CIO. He was a senior instructor with Learning Tree International on data communications and networks where he led over 180 technical seminars internationally. He leads seminars for the American Management Association in their business analytics curriculum, which he helped develop. He is the co-founder of a recent startup in educational analytics, Autonomous Professional Development, where he is the Chief Learning Officer. Dr. Fortino has received many honors, including IBM’s First Invention Level Award for his work in semiconductor research. He holds three US patents and ten invention disclosures.

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