Anna Eaglin
Principal, Product Strategy at Innovatemap

Anna specializes in answering big questions for clients about their business and their customers. With expertise in product strategy, product management, and research, Anna asks the right questions to guide product design strategy, and works alongside our design teams to help make our clients’ visions real. She is also a cohost of the Better Product Podcast, using her product skills to help other people tell their product stories. Anna is energized when a client’s vision is brought to life and the deliverable is better than they could have imagined. She conducts user research and leads innovation workshops for companies across multiple industries. Anna helped Hero Power bring their product to life, and 120Water and Ntracts define a vision for their products. Anna thrives at solving difficult problems and answering tough product questions.

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PODCAST The Minute: Sara Mauskopf on Product-Market Fit Sara Mauskopf, Christian Beck, Anna Eaglin, Better Product
18 Feb 2021

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