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PODCAST #109 - Samantha Bradshaw YCombinator
23 Jan 2019
PODCAST 2020 Startup Challenge Special Part 1: Frutero Ice Cream Karl Ulrich, The Wharton School
22 Apr 2020
VIDEO The Explainer: What Is Design Thinking? Harvard Business Review
23 Jul 2019
PODCAST #226 - Q+A Part 1: Contractors, Company Culture, and Cold Calls Kathleen Shannon, Emily Thompson
31 Mar 2020
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SYLLABUS Religion, Politics and Conflict in South Asia Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion
PODCAST #227 - Q+A Part 2: Scaling, Seasons, and Sales Funnels Emily Thompson, Kathleen Shannon, Being Boss
7 Apr 2020
BOOKS AND CHAPTERS Chapter 6 – Financing Entrepreneurship Lee A. Swanson, University of Saskatchewan
31 Aug 2017
CASE STUDY Strand Art Products Christopher Bridgnell, Elizabeth M. A. Grasby, John F. Graham, Ivey Business School
19 Aug 2015
LESSON Lean LaunchPad Educators Steve Blank, SlideShare
19 Jun 2013
PODCAST 590 - How to THINK like an Innovator with Matt Ridley James Altucher, The James Altucher Show
21 May 2020
VIDEO Modernizing the Shipping Industry [Entire Talk] Stanford eCorner
23 Jan 2019
COURSE Professional Seminar in Sustainability Sarah Slaughter, MIT OpenCourseWare
VIDEO Seth Godin - THIS is Marketing Seth Godin, Behind the Brand, YouTube
4 Nov 2018
LESSON Storyboard
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ARTICLE Planning for Product-Market Fit Before Launch Nima Torabi, UX Collective
8 May 2020
VIDEO Understanding the Economic Shock of the Covid-19 Crisis Harvard Business Review
21 May 2020
LESSON Design Journal TheDesignExchange Admin, Euiyoung Kim, theDesignExchange
12 Jun 2017
VIDEO The Big Idea: What's the dollar equivalent of happiness? Harvard Business Review
30 Jan 2019
PODCAST 2020 Startup Challenge Special Part 2: Showcase Karl Ulrich, The Wharton School
23 Apr 2020
ARTICLE When You Change the World and No One Notices Morgan Housel, Collaborative Fund
3 Sep 2016
VIDEO A powerful way to unleash your natural creativity Tim Harford, TEDTalks
1 Nov 2018
VIDEO Camfed - Alvins Guide To Good Business
23 Jan 2014
ARTICLE How a Global Social Network Seeks Connection in Decentralization Tara Wanda Merrigan, Stanford eCorner
2 Oct 2019
VIDEO Common Digital Miscommunications — and How to Avoid Them Harvard Business Review
16 Apr 2020
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LESSON Why Startups Are Not Small Versions of Large Companies Steve Blank, SlideShare
9 Sep 2010
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EXHIBIT Hinduism The Pluralism Project, Harvard University
BOOKS AND CHAPTERS Customer Discovery Ingrid Sturgis, Rebus Community
23 Aug 2017
COURSE Executing Strategy for Results Donald Sull, MIT OpenCourseWare