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ARTICLE Will Pokémon Keep GOing? Russell (Russ) Coff, Aya Chacar, Carpenter Strategy Toolbox
25 Aug 2016
PRESENTATION NOTES/SLIDES Product Market Fit Doug Kaufman, Winston Starts
23 Mar 2021
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VIDEO Elevator Pitch Winner, Josh Light UtahStateCES
7 Jun 2010
PODCAST 2020 Startup Challenge Special Part 1: Frutero Ice Cream Karl Ulrich, The Wharton School
22 Apr 2020
PODCAST Eminem, Adoble, Mixcloud, Teachable, Balaji Srinivasan - Startup World
17 Apr 2018
VIDEO Learn From Failure Tim Brown, Design Kit
LESSON Storyboard
PODCAST #119: Career Karma Origin Story (by the CEO of Free Code Camp) Breaking Into Startups
14 Oct 2019
PODCAST Surviving an Economic Crisis Successful Nonprofits
30 Apr 2020
LESSON 1:1 Interview TheDesignExchange Admin, Carmen Castanos, theDesignExchange
27 Aug 2017
LESSON Bifocal Display Julia Kramer, TheDesignExchange Admin, theDesignExchange
13 Jun 2017
PODCAST 582 - Mark Cuban on How to Reopen The Economy and Get People Back to Work James Altucher, The James Altucher Show
4 May 2020
PODCAST Making the Food of the Future Harvard Business School
14 Nov 2019
PODCAST Negotiations 1O1 with David Wagner Troy Campbell, Lundquist College of Business
22 Feb 2018
PODCAST #90 How Startups Can Succeed in a Pandemic 2 Gimlet Media
13 May 2020
LESSON Lean LaunchPad Educators Steve Blank, SlideShare
19 Jun 2013
SYLLABUS CSCI 4358/5350: Entrepreneurial Projects II Capstone: Syllabus Rick Han, University of Colorado at Boulder
COURSE Professional Seminar in Sustainability Sarah Slaughter, MIT OpenCourseWare
VIDEO Seth Godin - THIS is Marketing Behind the Brand, Seth Godin, YouTube
4 Nov 2018
PODCAST 2020 Startup Challenge Special Part 6: Mobility Karl Ulrich, The Wharton School
30 Apr 2020
PODCAST Gimlet 13: Fake It Til You Make It Alex Blumberg, Lisa Chow, Gimlet Media
1 Feb 2015
SIMULATION Salt Seller: A Commodity Pricing Simulation John D. Sterman, MIT Sloan School of Management
PODCAST 587 - Proof that You Can Create New Business in a Pandemic with Ray J and Matt Clayton James Altucher, The James Altucher Show
14 May 2020
SYLLABUS MGMT 495: MANAGING AND OPERATING SMALL, GROWING BUSINESS Fall 2013 Syllabus John Cousins, Anderson School of Management
VIDEO Bob Sutton: Power Poisoning Stanford eCorner
23 Nov 2010
SIMULATION Platform Wars: Simulating the Battle for Video Game Supremacy John D. Sterman, MIT Sloan School of Management
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PODCAST The Minute: Sara Mauskopf on Product-Market Fit Sara Mauskopf, Christian Beck, Anna Eaglin, Better Product
18 Feb 2021
CASE STUDY Berdytch Clothing Ltd. Dave C. Shaw, Elizabeth M. A. Grasby, Dana G. Hyde, Richard H. Mimick, Ivey Business School
3 Jul 2014
VIDEO Validating Product Pricing - Teaching Critique Ralph Guggenheim, Lean Launchpad Teachable Moments
13 Mar 2013
ARTICLE When You Change the World and No One Notices Morgan Housel, Collaborative Fund
3 Sep 2016
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LESSON Why Startups Are Not Small Versions of Large Companies Steve Blank, SlideShare
9 Sep 2010
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EXHIBIT Hinduism The Pluralism Project, Harvard University