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Troy Campbell
Lundquist College of Business

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2018-06-06 16:00:02
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This episode starts with the time value of money and quickly becomes an exploration of the time value of everything. As Professor Stephen McKeon takes us from his past working at a winery, to starting a drone company, and always choosing a happy versus wealthy life, the episode bounces between balances sheets and the purpose of life--and how the basics of all those scary words like stocks, bonds, and annuities aren’t so scary. McKeon uses some wonderful examples to illustrate the concept of investing, including how to invest in outer space asteroid mining, judging a company by how risky the CEO is (hint: see if the CEO has pilot’s license), and of course, cryptocurrencies--something that keeps getting him in the news constantly. As always, host Troy Campbell and editor Alec Cowan drop in some additional research and stories. The episode grows in complexity and subject matter as it progresses, but everything is always sewn together by the simple concept that a dollar today is worth more than a dollar tomorrow.
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