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Troy Campbell
Lundquist College of Business

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2018-02-22 18:57:01
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From sales, to date night, to politics--we are always negotiating. In this inaugural episode, UO professor of management David Wagner explains how this actually can be a great thing. Negotiations, he explains, are often about problem solving and discovery. We then dive into his negotiations class, which visits Starbucks and Chipotle as well as explores business hypotheticals and hardball tactics. Podcast editor Alec Cowan comes to the rescue to perform some vocabulary duty, explaining "3D negotiation." And host Troy Campbell brings in some psychology. Prepare for an episode full of charm, hope, and education as we kick off Business 1O1. We promise you’ll leave the podcast rushing to "source interests" in all your relationships, and you'll see immediately how when we understand the 1O1 of anything, we can better at everything!
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