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Susan Boles
Break the Ceiling Podcast

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Alyson Francisco
Salem College


2020-04-21 03:00:00
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Today we're going full-on geek and talking about project management software with two of my fellow project management software nerds. We're talking about why you would pick one particular software tool over another, the importance of making sure the software you pick works with your brain, and how to avoid sabotaging yourself with getting distracted by the latest shiny new tool. Key take-aways: - Different approaches to setting up our software and why we chose the particular software tool we did - Philosophies of picking out or recommending software - How constantly looking at new tools can result in self-sabotage - Things Marie and Layla are doing in Notion and ClickUp that have really changed how productive or focused they’re able to be - Strong systems create stability - something that we all can use right now
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