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Why the business sector embraces the art of thinking more than others. Most CEO's dont spend anywhere near enough time on creative or strategic thinking - find out why this is costing a lot in lost opportunity income. The detrimental impact of the Internet on the art of thinking. Why creative thinking got lost in history!... why Chief Executives need to break the mould from current thinking.... why there's a need for a structured approach to profitable thinking. Never let data analysis make your strategic decisions on your behalf! Learn how to practically go about increasing creative yet profitable thinking in your workforce. How to use 'pressure and stress' to generate creative ideas. The opportunity for wealth is thinking outside your normal problem solving creativity area! What's the difference between creative thinking and thinking differently? ... why creativity is not about wearing funny ties! The role of the "ideas champion" in an organization. Why the CEO has to drive creativity - it's does not work bottom-up, it's got to be top-down.
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