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John Cousins
University of New Mexico

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MGMT 495 is designed to enable students to understand various functions entrepreneurs or owner managers perform to successfully manage and grow a new or small business. Resource constrains, that such ventures face, makes the job of entrepreneur(s)/manager(s) challenging. Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity without regard to resources currently controlled. An entrepreneurial approach is required to manage such ventures. To prepare students to assume leadership and management roles in such ventures, following topics will be covered in this course: - Marketing, Branding, and Customer Acquisition (Customer Relationship, Pricing and Promotion, and Supply Chain Management) - Managing Internal Operations (Leadership, Managing Human Resources, and Production Management) 2 - Accounting, Finance, and Managing Numbers ( Financial Performance, Firm Assets, and Financial Risk) - Raising Capital - Product/Market fit - Negotiations - Intellectual Property - Leveraging Technology Another critical skill that entrepreneurs or owners require to effectively manage a small and/or growing venture is good communication skill. To enable students to sharpen communication skills, especially writing and presentation skills, a substantial component of class assignments and grade is based on written cases and presentations. In addition, a significant portion of student grade is based on their contribution (participation) to class discussions. This course will benefit not only students interested in becoming entrepreneurs, but also those interested in pursuing all other career paths.
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