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Rick Han
University of Colorado at Boulder

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The goal of this course is to build upon the concepts learned in the Entrepreneurial Projects I Capstone and give Computer Science students more advanced tools to be successful technical co-founders of their own startups. We will explore later stages of the Lean Startup/Customer Development iterative methodology. Student teams will build upon their low-fidelity MVPs that exhibited traction to develop high-fidelity MVP products. Students will learn business concepts like marketing, sales, and finance that are relevant to IT startup formation, hopefully in partnership with business school teams. Students will also learn legal concepts relevant to startup formation. Invited guest lecturers from the entrepreneurial community will provide their domain expertise, which may include topics such as product development, Agile software engineering, mobile strategy, and big data/cloud computing, as well as mentoring. Student teams will present/pitch their startup company/concepts in various public forums, which may include the CU New Venture Challenge, local Tech meetup, CS/College Expo, startup2students-like job fair, and/or the final Demo Day presentation.
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