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Alice Agogino
University of California, Berkeley

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SCAMPER is a mnemonic that stands for: * **S**ubstitute. * **C**ombine. * **A**dapt. * **M**odify. * **P**ut to another use. * **E**liminate. * **R**everse [Autodesk's Innovation Genome]( has a new version of the SCAMPER idea. Here are the 7 questions the Innovation Genome Project came up with: **Look:** What could we look at in a new way, or from a new perspective? **Use:** What could we use in a new way, or for the first time? **Move:** What could we move, changing its position in time or space? **Interconnect:** What could we interconnect in a different way, or for the first time? **Alter:** What could we alter or change, in terms of design and performance? **Make:** What could we make, creating something that is truly new? Imagine: What could we imagine to create a great experience for something?
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