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Shari Loessberg
MIT, Sloan School of Management

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Early Stage Capital: Assignments
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Find a lawyer; Lawyer strategy round; VC negotiation round: Teams will identify what kind of lawyer they want to hire for their new venture. Using practical resources, they will identify a shortlist of appropriate candidates. Teams will assume the role of founders in a new firm and meet with practicing corporate lawyers at their offices. This simulation round is not an adversarial negotiation, but rather an exercise in using and managing professional service providers. Using a provided model term sheet, teams will work with their lawyers to formulate their legal and negotiating strategy for meeting with venture capitalists. Teams will meet at the lawyers' offices. Armed with insight from their lawyer round, teams will meet in a head-to-head negotiation with a local venture capitalist. The premise for this simulation is that the team is negotiating the final provisions that remain open between the team and the VC on their first round of venture financing. Leading Boston VC firms will be participating in the rounds. Teams will meet at the VCs' offices.
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