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Alvin's Guide to Good Business is the Skoll Foundation's first foray into global commercial television, this series follows finance guru Alvin Hall as he visits eight different social entrepreneurs around the world, probing their business models, examining the potential impact of their work and exploring the challenges to scaling their innovations. Produced and directed by RockhopperTV. Jeff Skoll created The Skoll Foundation in 1999 to pursue his vision of a sustainable world of peace and prosperity. Led by CEO Sally Osberg since 2001, our mission is to drive large scale change by investing in, connecting and celebrating social entrepreneurs and the innovators who help them solve the world's most pressing problems. Social entrepreneurs are society's change agents, creators of innovations that disrupt the status quo and transform our world for the better. By identifying the people and programs already bringing positive change around the world, we empower them to extend their reach, deepen their impact and fundamentally improve society.
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