Educational Resources (878)

BOOKS AND CHAPTERS Marketing Your Venture to Audiences Jessica Pucci, Elizabeth Mays, Rebus Community
23 Aug 2017
VIDEO The Explainer: Writing Great Business Plans Harvard Business Review
25 Jun 2019
LESSON Prototyping TheDesignExchange Admin, theDesignExchange
18 Oct 2016
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2 Jul 2019
LESSON Generating High Innovation Hubs Steve Blank, SlideShare
9 Dec 2010
CASE STUDY Jane Addams Hull-House Museum: Epiphanies and Contradictions in the Art of Slowing Down Jane Addams Hull-House Museum, EmcArts
17 Nov 2015
VIDEO The passing of time, caught in a single photo Stephen Wilkes, TEDTalks
1 Feb 2016
BOOKS AND CHAPTERS The Uncertain Future of Media’s Unicorns Melanie Faizer, Rebus Community
23 Aug 2017
ARTICLE Why the Lean Start-Up Changes Everything Steve Blank, Harvard Business School
1 May 2013
VIDEO The Explainer: The 5 Forces That Make Companies Successful Harvard Business Review
9 Jul 2019
PODCAST Walt Disney Companies Debra O'Connell on Building a Great Culture Robert Tuchman, Entrepreneur Media
25 Mar 2020
VIDEO When Will We Reach Gender Equality? Harvard Business Review
24 Sep 2019