Educational Resources (866)

VIDEO Embrace the remix Kirby Ferguson, TEDTalks
1 Jun 2012
ASSIGNMENT Executing Strategy for Results: Class Assignments Donald Sull, MIT OpenCourseWare
LESSON Innovation at 50x Steve Blank, SlideShare
16 Aug 2015
LESSON Role Play
VIDEO How Large Will You Scale? - Teaching Critique Ralph Guggenheim, Lean Launchpad Teachable Moments
6 Feb 2013
VIDEO Startupfest 2018 Best Pitch Competition Startupfest, YouTube
17 May 2019
LESSON Share Inspiring Stories
VIDEO Design Thinking In Business EA Learning, YouTube
18 Jul 2017
ARTICLE 3 Ways to Leverage the Science of Entrepreneurial Passion Kevin Taylor, FounderScholar
VIDEO Disruptive Innovation Explained Harvard Business Review
30 Mar 2012
LESSON Envisionment Videos TheDesignExchange Admin, Alice Agogino, theDesignExchange
18 Oct 2016
LESSON Tangible Prototype TheDesignExchange Admin, Varna Vasudevan, theDesignExchange
7 Apr 2017
PODCAST Mike Heslin: Fewer Cars, Better Living Christina Elson, The Inc. Tank
27 Jan 2020
LESSON The Tactics of Conducting Customer Discovery Steve Blank, SlideShare
20 Jun 2013
LESSON Diary Studies TheDesignExchange Admin, Erika Oishi, theDesignExchange
9 Jun 2017
PODCAST Danny Meyer On How Customer Experience Has Always Been HIs Secret Sauce Robert Tuchman, Entrepreneur Media
1 Jan 2020
LESSON Keep Iterating
LESSON Visual Agenda TheDesignExchange Admin, Varna Vasudevan, Alice Agogino, theDesignExchange
9 Jun 2017
VIDEO Getting Your Story Straight: Part 7: Story Challenges & Solutions Ralph Guggenheim, David Riemer, Lean LaunchPad for Life Sciences
2 Jun 2014
VIDEO How and When to Disrupt Your Career, and Yourself (Quick Study) Harvard Business Review
10 Feb 2020
VIDEO Should You Sell Your Startup, or Find a New CEO? (Case Study) Harvard Business Review
29 Jan 2020
LESSON The Customer Development Model Steve Blank, SlideShare
2 May 2009
LESSON Business Model Design Steve Blank, SlideShare
30 Apr 2011
LESSON Forced Analogy TheDesignExchange Admin, Carmen Castanos, theDesignExchange
1 Dec 2016
LESSON Concept Map TheDesignExchange Admin, Varna Vasudevan, Alice Agogino, theDesignExchange
9 Jun 2017
LESSON Community Based Participatory Research Danielle Poreh, Julia Kramer, theDesignExchange
21 Nov 2016
VIDEO Estimating Market Size - Student Learning Ralph Guggenheim, Lean Launchpad Teachable Moments
13 Feb 2013
LESSON Brainstorm
LESSON Weighted Matrix TheDesignExchange Admin, Danielle Poreh, theDesignExchange
16 Oct 2017
LESSON Co-Creation Session
LESSON Create Frameworks