Educational Resources (22)

VIDEO Aaron Levie: Compete Through Product Iteration Stanford eCorner
26 Jan 2011
VIDEO The Best Way to Play Office Politics Harvard Business Review
11 Jan 2011
VIDEO Kevin Systrom: Start Now Stanford eCorner
31 May 2011
LESSON Business Model Design Steve Blank, SlideShare
30 Apr 2011
LESSON New Rules for the New Bubble Steve Blank, SlideShare
12 Mar 2011
LESSON Six Ways to Fail at a Startup Steve Blank, SlideShare
20 Jun 2011
COURSE Entrepreneurial Finance Antoinette Schoar, MIT OpenCourseWare
VIDEO Scott Summit: Products With a Purpose [Entire Talk] Stanford eCorner
27 Oct 2011
VIDEO Jack Dorsey: Instrument Everything Stanford eCorner
15 Feb 2011
LESSON The Lean LaunchPad Steve Blank, SlideShare
10 Oct 2011
LESSON When the Boardroom is Bits Steve Blank, SlideShare
23 May 2011
LESSON Canvas examples Steve Blank, SlideShare
4 Dec 2011
LESSON Engineering 245 Steve Blank, SlideShare
4 Jan 2011
LESSON Value Proposition Steve Blank, SlideShare
20 Feb 2011
LESSON Lecture 2: Value Proposition Steve Blank, SlideShare
12 Oct 2011
VIDEO Jack Dorsey: The Birth of Twitter Stanford eCorner
15 Feb 2011
VIDEO Brad Feld: Obsessed With Vision and Product Stanford eCorner
24 Oct 2011
SYLLABUS Topics in Social Entrepreneurship Course Syllabus Cleaveland Justis, UC Davis Graduate School of Management
LESSON The Democratization of Entrepreneurship Steve Blank, SlideShare
20 Mar 2011
VIDEO Jensen Huang: Cultivating Next-Generation Leaders Stanford eCorner
24 May 2011