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LESSON Search Versus Execution Steve Blank, SlideShare
6 Mar 2012
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VIDEO 'What Money Can't Buy' and What it Shouldn't Buy PSB NewsHour
11 Jun 2012
VIDEO Jess Lee: Learning as a Leader Stanford eCorner
28 Nov 2012
LESSON The Startup Owners Manual Steve Blank, SlideShare
10 Mar 2012
VIDEO Embrace the remix Kirby Ferguson, TEDTalks
1 Jun 2012
VIDEO Disruptive Innovation Explained Harvard Business Review
30 Mar 2012
VIDEO Create Slides People Will Remember Harvard Business Review
11 Dec 2012
LESSON Growing The Next Big Idea Steve Blank, SlideShare
15 Jul 2012
COURSE How to Develop Breakthrough Products and Services Eric von Hippel, MIT OpenCourseWare
LESSON Presentation Examples for Class 3- Value Proposition Steve Blank, SlideShare
1 Jul 2012
VIDEO Drew Houston: How I Met My Co-Founder Stanford eCorner
18 Jun 2012
VIDEO Jeff Church: Can Products Save the World? Stanford eCorner
2 Jun 2012
ARTICLE Startup technology demystified Danny Boice, Pando
18 Dec 2012
LESSON Presentation Examples Used in Class 5 Distribution Channels Steve Blank, SlideShare
1 Jul 2012
LESSON Customer Development in 54 hours Steve Blank, SlideShare
24 Feb 2012
LESSON The Scientific Method for Getting Technology to Market Steve Blank, SlideShare
27 Feb 2012
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VIDEO How to build your creative confidence David Kelley, TEDTalks
1 Mar 2012
LESSON How to Fail Less Steve Blank, SlideShare
5 May 2012
LESSON Vc Flow Chart Steve Blank, SlideShare
17 Oct 2012